Month: February 2017



Today February 17th 2017 is my fourth year anniversary of being clean and sober, which is quite an accomplishment for me and something I’m very proud of. Big love to my Mum who smiles now instead of all the pain and misery I put her through when I was messed up. I have this proverb tattooed…

The Bright Road Massive

In 1990 Dave Murphy very kindly let me rent a room at his house in Bright Road, Eccles, Manchester where I proceeded to live for the next 3 years while I was DJing and working. The picture above was taken in 1991 outside the house, with us collectively known as “The Bright Road Massive”. I…


This is the first in a series of 5 albums that feature a collection of Classic Old Skool Electro & Hip Hop breaks and loops that have been remastered. AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD OVER @bandcamp Ultimate Fried Chicken Breaks Volume One by DJ NiPPER Old Skool

My Old Schools

I went to St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Old Lane Little Hulton, Manchester. (Now knocked down) I went to St. Georges RC High School, Parsonage Drive, Walkden, Manchester. (Shut down 2014) I went to De La Salle Sixth Form College, Weaste Lane, Salford, Manchester. Where the late great Tony Wilson went too. I went to…

Charlie Brown’s Autocentre

In 1987/88 just as I was starting to get into DJing on the Manchester club circuit I worked as an assistant manager (more like lacky, tyre changer and car park sweeper. Haha!) at Charlie Browns Autocentre, 212 Worsley Road, Swinton, Manchester.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Tucker & Dale take a vacation to their new cabin in the woods when they are attacked by a group of college kids who think they are serial killer hillbillies. This is the best Horror/Comedy ever, I giggled from the beginning to the end. “It’s a God damn suicide pact. These kids are coming out…

ID Magazine – DJ Of The Month -Issue no 94 -July 1991


The Prowler (1981)

Released in 1981 originally titled “Rosemary’s Killer” this is a great very under-rated American slasher movie with Tom Savini once again providing the fantastic gory special effects, and a very creepy killer stalking college kids. What more do you want from a top notch slasher movie.

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