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The Eyes Of My Mother

I watched this a few months ago and enjoyed this little twisted Horror flick gem very much. Filmed in B&W and with stunning cinematography they combine to give it a very classy art house, spooky creepy feel. Definitely reminded me of “Audition”.  


MY BIPOLAR APRIL 2017 It’s been a while since I last wrote anything, I’ve tried, but life has been a touch difficult recently. Last night I was DJing at my regular Saturday gig in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong when Mr. Guthrie who is a good friend of mine I’ve been fortunate to meet whilst…

Young MC – Know How (DJ Nipper BRX Remix2)

Full on remix for 2017 of this massive classic Hip Hop banger.

Now Thats What I Call A Bootleg – Some Drop 2017

A revamp for 2017 of “Some Drop” taken from my 1991 4 track EP, “Now That’s What I Call A Bootleg”. With big thanks to Guy Oldham’s for turning up at my gaff in Eccles in 1991 with his dat player and kicking me up the arse to record the bootleg.    

ISOMETRIC DANCE SHOW – David Dunne Interview

David Dunne’s pioneering and inspirational show was first broadcast in 1989 on Manchester’s “Key 103 Radio Station” to showcase the music and DJ’s that were exploding in the local House Music Scene. The show ran until September 1990 and I became a regular guest DJ along with other local Manchester DJ’s such as ; Steve…

DJ Nipper – Bassbomb

This a live mix done using Serato, Ableton Live, Akai APC 40 Mk1 and the Pioneer DJM S9 Mixer. It’s main components are : 1. Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There 2. 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare 3. Bassment Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At ? (A Cappella) 4. Afrika Bambaataa – Just…

Young MC – Know How (DJ Nipper BRX Remix 1)

Young MC – Know How (DJ Nipper BRX Remix 1) by DJ NiPPER Old Skool


“Acceptance is a virtue of invaluable power and strength in my battle with The Other Paul” …


DJ NiPPER – ITz Anova ShiT MiX (ReMastered)

  I originally did this in 2011 for my Old Skool mate Stussy Daz in which he did a Q&A to accompany this mix with one stipulation by me, it was only going be available to download in a 24 hour period. Last week he kindly reminded me about the mix which I’d completely forgotten…

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