This was a poem I wrote for a friend when I lived in Jersey (channel island) for a few years back in the early 2000’s, shortly after I had declared bankruptcy in Liverpool and lost everything. The most heart breaking aspects were first, having to reluctantly sell half of my record collection to raise some cash and secondly, losing my recording studio along with all my equipment.

This poem reflects my emotions and was the catharsis I needed at this dark period in my life.


(15th November 2002)

I look in my eyes
penetrating so deep,
block out my own image
to search my minds keep.

On my way there
Who am I ? I ask,
An alien replies –
take off your mask.

Off comes my mask
vacant lips say to me,
think of the oceans
and what you can see.

I see beauty above
and darkness below,
so obvious now
it’s down I must go.

The alien shouts
to close my eyes,
your journey’s near done
the ultimate prize.

Good-bye to the light
eyes a distant memory,
embrace my minds darkness
for it’s me I can see.