Set up by Eric Powell & Eric Gooden in 1989 I became very good friends with them both through meeting Eric Powell who used to DJ with Fizz and myself at The Man Alive in Manchester.

They asked me to work for the label which involved going to the studio on learning missions and working as the labels DJ for gigs and events. Sadly being to young and immature I didn’t quite grasp what Eric & Eric were trying to do for me and I lost interest due to my DJing career and getting completely fucked up.

The label had 11 releases including the big hit “Sweet Mercy – Reach Out” in 1990 (CAT# BLIPP 1T) which featured vocals by Rowetta from the Happy Mondays. The label also released 3 singles by a Hip Hop band called “First Offence” (F.OFF) consisting of Steve Harris, Ian Bent and Bill Spiby. who I knew well because we all grew up together in Little Hulton. A wicked band with a very talented turntablist.

First Offence’s single “Tell Em What You Like (Kenyon Mix)” Kenyon Way (Kenyon Mix) is a street in Little Hulton which had an infamous gang called the KRA (The Kenyon Republican Army) that unless you lived down there you stayed the fuck away from. It was also remixed and produced by Salford’s very own and incredibly talented Carl Adesile (produced MC Buzz B), and who helped me produce my remix for Love Decade.

Eric & Eric then went on to set up Bush Records in 1993 that released the Techno banger “Red 2” (CAT# BUSH1015) in 1994 by someone called Dave Clarke along with countless other Techno tunes by big named DJ’s and artists. Bush Records had an off shoot label called “Boo Records” that had a massive hit with, Turn-A-Round by Phatts & Small in 1999 (CAT#12BOO7).

I had many amazing times with Eric & Eric who tried their best to look after me (I was simply too wild and young to see), and definitely guided me with their wisdom and knowledge of the music industry as I began my DJing career in Manchester. Big respect to the pair of them for what they did for me.