In 1990 Dave Murphy very kindly let me rent a room at his house in Bright Road, Eccles, Manchester where I proceeded to live for the next 3 years while I was DJing and working.

The picture above was taken in 1991 outside the house, with us collectively known as “The Bright Road Massive”.

I will say hand on heart that those 3 years were the best of my life spent with very special friends that I’m still in touch with today, and always will be.

The main core of “The Bright Road Massive” was Dave Murphy (second right in the photo), Phil Farrand (third right), Stefan Cocker (on the right), Steve Wright “Jono” (third from the left), myself (second left) and Jason Hayes (on the left), who sadly passed away recently. The house became renowned and famous coz of the antics we got up to, even Laurent and Sasha knew to stay away due to the reputation we had for our drug taking and parties.

I’ve been clean and sober for the past 4 years after getting much needed help with AA & CA meetings in Hong Kong, that saved me and turned my life around for the better. Problem is there is one topic at the meetings that I disagree with, “It was dark, bleak times while doing drugs”. On the contrary, I had so much fun being off me head for those 3 years spent at Bright Road, that I wouldn’t have it any other way. My problem is, moderation, which doesn’t belong in my vocabulary and add to this a very high tolerance level to drugs…not the best combination for me battered brain cells.

But what a wicked buzz…

Tunes, drugs and special friends.