David Dunne’s pioneering and inspirational show was first broadcast in 1989 on Manchester’s “Key 103 Radio Station” to showcase the music and DJ’s that were exploding in the local House Music Scene.

The show ran until September 1990 and I became a regular guest DJ along with other local Manchester DJ’s such as ; Steve Williams, Guy Oldhams, Stu Allen, Justin Robertson, Mike Pickering and Jon DaSilva.

As he lived in Swinton which is down the road from where I lived in Little Hulton we became good mates and I’m still in touch with the legend that is, David Dunne.

Below is a list of questions I put towards David for this article…


1. Where do you originate from?

I am a Swinton lad originally – born in Davyhulme Hospital and lived in Swinto right through til I was 19 when I left home to go to Uni in Liverpool. My dad still lives in the house I was brought up in.

2. What secondary school did you go to?

I got shipped off to De La Salle in Salford from the age of 7 through to 19 – Irish catholic boys grammar school run by Christian Brothers – Men in Cassocks who loved to beat kids. Hated it until 6th Form when it changed and they let girls in – they could;t get away with the beatings then. It got pulled down the other year and I really wanted to go and watch them pull it down.

3. What’s your favourite colour?


4. Midget gems or Sherbet dips ?

SHERBERT DIPS ANY DAY. But with a lolly, not with a licorish stick – those things are for maniacs.

5. When did you start work at Key 103?

30 years ago- May 1987 – On a charity appeal, for Wythenshawe Hospital Heart Unit. I’d met journalist Paul Lockitt and after much pleading, he managed to get me in to see the Programme Director – He told me that if I did a good job and didn’t kill anyone, then I might get a full time job out of it. I worked me nuts off for 5 months 7 days a week and then got a permanent job. So it’s all Paul Lockitt’s fault.

6. Where did the idea for The Isometric Dance Show come from?

By 1988 I was a Hacienda regular – At that point the mighty Stu Allen played a hour of house in his 3 hour show, alongside an hour of soul and an hour of hip hop – But he didn’t want to play any more as he was already getting grief off the Manc soul.Hip hop fans for playing it. I wasn’t yet in programming at that point, but I kept telling everybody that there needed to be a show playing the stuff I was hearing as it was getting really big and that they should get the Hac DJs involved. An enterprising and dishonest presenter who shall remain nameless, despite knowing nothing about house music and not actually even liking it, nicked the idea and went to the Programme Director with it. So the show started without me in late 88. Then , in early 89, the presenter in question got the sack for having no listeners, and by that time I was a producer and presenting a Jazz show – Stu Allan suggested to the boss that I take it over   – and that’s how it happened. Not many presenters would suggest somebody else do a show, and not them – But that’s Stu for you. Lovely Lovely man.

7. When was the first Show?

I think my first show was about Feb 1989 and I presented it every wednesday from then through til Oct 1990.

8. How many shows ?

I reckon that must make about 80-ish

9. When was the last ever show?

I think it was Oct 1990 – I finished with 5 guests each doing a half hour mix – Stu, Steve Williams, Justin Robertson, Guy E-Bloc and your good self.


10. The Isometric Dance Class was very popular so, why did it finish?

I was moving to London to start a new job, and that was in the days before people syndicated shows, so it was a natural finish.

11. Do you have a favourite show?

The last one is pretty good really because of the guest mixes, but I honestly loved doing all of them – Didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I loved it anyway!

12. DJ Nipper became a regular guest on the show doing live 30min mixes. How did you both meet?

We met at a a Wizard’s convention in Barnsley. I was selling hand knitted Wand Holsters and Nipper had his own stall selling felt hats.

(Actually introduced by a mutual friend who took me to see him DJ – My gob hit the floor and I worshipped him from then on. The show would never ever have been the same without Nipper)

13. Is it true you used to dance on the stage at the Hacienda?

Yep! But never right at the front- usually two rows back. Needy, but not totally attention seeking.

14. Three of your favourite Old School House tracks?

ALL Time Favourite house music tune of all time is and always will be Lil Louis – French Kiss; Then Can You Dance by Royal Party and I know it;s cheesy but Real Wild House by Raul Orellana always gives me goosebumps and makes me smile.

15. You have a very distinctive radio voice. Did you take vocal classes ?

I gargle with a specially prepared tincture of Rose Water, Honey, Lark’s Tears and Gravel.