This is a project album featuring a collection of my own personal (lesser known) Classic Old School Hip Hop tracks that I’ve lovingly edited, remixed and re-mastered.

Hopefully this collection might introduce new lovers of Old School Hip Hop to these incredible tracks they may have missed.

This album is available at Bandcamp :

2 In A Room – A Passing Thought (LP Version) (Cutting Records. 1987)

Released in 1987 on Cutting Records, 2 In A Room’s – A Passing Thought appeared on promo 12 inch (CR-225-DJ) and the album “Cutting Remixes Volume 1 (CR2000LP)”

Aldo Marin, one of my favourite electro producers, was the director of Cutting Records, and along with his brother produced many seminal Electro Funk classics including : Hashim – Al-Naafiysh and Imperial Brothers – We Come To Rock.

The LP version of A Passing Thought is a little hidden gem of mine that I used to play a lot around Manchester at The Man Alive and Legends, so I couldn’t resist doing an edit of this wicked track.

Ace And Action – Letter To The Better (Prism Records. 1989)

This track reminds me of the legendary “DJ Welly” at Wigan Pier in 1989, and definitely one of my favourite uptempo Hip Hop tracks from the late 1980’s. I used to hammer this track. I still do.

Released in 1989 on the fantastic Prism Records based in New York, this was the B-Side to “Together” (CAT# PS2024) by the great rapper Masta Ace. Using the wicked guitar sample from James Brown’s “Take Some…Leave Some” (1973) and the break from Alvin Cash’s “Keep On Dancing” (1968) the man Marley Marl produced an unforgettable slice of raw Hip Hop. Masta Ace did a decent version too in 1990.

Anquette – Throw The P (Luke Skywalker Records.1986)

I love Miami Bass from the late 1980’s with that heavy filthy 808 sound, the raps, the way they flowed and of course the DJ’s scratching skills too especially Mister Mixx of the 2 Live Crew, who produced this, and many other 2 Live Crew tracks.

Anquette Allen is a female MC from Miami who recorded for Luke Skywalker Records with her first release in 1986 being “Throw The P” (CAT# GR-102) a response to the 2 Live Crew’s earlier “Throw The D” (CAT# G.R. 100). She went on to release one album on the label in 1988 called, “Respect” (CAT# XR 103) along with six 12 inch singles over the next 5 years.

Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Cold Chillin’ Records. 1987)

I was lucky enough to DJ for Big Daddy Kane when he did a PA at The International in Manchester, UK in 1989 as part of his tour. Put simply…I was buzzing.

Born Antonio Hardy in Brooklyn, NY on 10th September 1968 Kane was a battle MC who emerged from the B-Boy scene becoming friends and co-writer with Biz Markie in 1984. In 1987 Kane was picked up by Marley Marl’s “Cold Chilllin’ Record Label” with his first track being the underground anthem “Raw” (CAT# Cold Chillin 9-20885-0 produced by Marley Marl.

“Coz I Get Raw”. For me Kane is one of the best rappers of the late 1980’s period of Hip Hop but, sadly he made a few bad errors of judgment especially his 1990 “A Taste Of Chocolate” album and his 1991 RnB flavoured “Prince Of Darkness” album, instead of keeping to his raw Hip Hop rhyming skills.

Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Mister Ron Records. 1987)

This is the third of my remastered edits in a series of classic Old School Hip Hop tracks.

Original released in 1987 on Mister-Ron Records by Bomb The Bass, produced by Tim Simenon and Pascal Gabriel and using a crateful of samples from Tim’s record collection. After being picked up by Rhythm King Records in 1988 it reached number 2 in the UK Top 40 and was, and still is a favourite of mine reminding me of the classic cut and paste Hip Hop track from 1985, “History Of Hip Hop by DDS”.

I’ve done a dub edit adding a sample from “Revoked – Pieces (The Sound Factory Mix)”.

Cash Money And Marvelous – Mighty Hard Rocker (Sleeping Bag Rockers. 1989)

This is the second of my re-mastered edits in a series of classic Old School Hip Hop tracks.

From the year 1988, this is the B-Side to “Find An Ugly Woman” (CAT# SLX 40143) from a great MC and even greater DJ, the legendary Cash Money.

This is without doubt my favourite Hip Hop/Turntablist/Scratch DJ ever, of whom I grew up trying everyday to learn his cuts especially on this track and his appearance on Tim Westwood’s Night Network TV Show in 1988 showing off his incredible skills with one of my favourite DJ sets.

Check him out on the link below :

Dismasters – Black & Proud (Urban Rock Records 1989)

This was the second and last 12 inch single from the New York Hip Hop rap team released on Urban Rock Records in 1989 (CAT# UR 938), two years following their first 12 inch “Small Time Hustler”.

“Skrum & Then Some” was on the B-Side and is good, but the track for me was the raw powerful DJ Chuck Chill Out produced, “Black & Proud” that I smashed weekly along with the likes of The Real Roxanne, The Tuff Crew, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Fast Eddie, Unique 3 etc…

Dismasters – Small Time Hustler (Urban Rock Records. 1987)

This track was released on Urban Rock Records (CAT# UR932)in 1987 by the New York duo The Dismasters consisting of Raven T and Lord Mike Ski rapped and flowed over a beat that sampled Lightnin’ Rod’s classic funk song, “Sport”.

They released only one album in 1989 called “And Then Some” on Sure Delight Records (CAT# SDLP3) and two 12 inches on Urban Rock Records, one of which is this, and the other “Black & Proud” is part of this series of classic Hip Hop edits.

Eric B & Rakim – Juice

Eric B & Rakim are one of my favourite Hip Hop duos, growing up listening to Stu Allen play “I Know You Got Soul” on his Saturday night “Key 103 Show” that I’d listen to religiously every week. I even sent a mix tape into his show for a competition, I didn’t win but, I was made up when he gave me a mention. Big up to the legend and a massive inspiration to me, Stu Allen.

Juice (Know The Ledge) was released in December 1991 as one of the songs on the soundtrack album of the movie “Juice” starring Tupac Shakur, then released later in 1992 on their own album “Don’t Sweat The Technique” and as a 12 inch on MCA Records (CAT# MCA 12-54381).

This is a ridiculous beast of an uptempo Hip Hop track that gave me goosebumps, got me toes tapping and bum wiggling whenever I dropped either the main or instrumental, even mixing the 2 together coz this track is so good. Wicked memories of The Man Alive whenever I hear this.

I’ve edited the main and instrumental mixes together coz I wanted to do an extended version of this true Hip Hop classic.

Kool D With Technolo D – Go To Work (Wild Pitch Records. 1988)

What a break, built from Tom Jones 1968 hit “Looking Thru My Window” which is a classic Hip Hop breakbeat featured on the infamous Street Beat Records series of 25 compliation albums called, “Ultimate Breaks & Beats” (CAT# SBR-504).

The break at the beginning of “Go To Work” which was the B-Side of Wild Pitch Records 1988 12 inch, “Now Dance” (CAT# WP1008) was used on the classic Hardcore track “Sweet Harmony” by Liquid.

Masta Ace – Letter To The Better (Remix) (Cold Chillin’ Records 1990)

Masta Ace AKA Duval Clear is from Brooklyn, New York and first started as part of the ilegendary Hip Hop posse “The Juice Crew” including Big Daddy Kane, Craig G and Kool G Rap.

In 1989 he released his first 12 inch “Ace And Action – Letter To The Better”(CAT# PS 2024) followed by his 1990 debut album “Take A Look Around” (CAT# Cold Chillin’ 1-26179) which included this remix of Letter To The Better produced by none other than Marley Marl.

This remixed version is a more stripped back tougher affair that lets Masta Ace let fly with his rhymes over Marley Marl’s sparse beats.

Since his debut album he’s gone on to have a very prolific career releasing 8 albums and 42 singles.

MC Bam Bam – Wind Me Up (Pow Wow Records. 1988)

Sampling the 1975 Dynamic Corvettes song “Music Is The Thing” for the main breakbeat, “Wind Me Up” was released on 12 inch in 1988 by Pow Wow Records (CAT# PW436).

Back in the 1980’s & early 1990’s Hip Hop’s production style relied heavily on the use of sampling, but due to the demise of vinyl and CDs, and the rise of the internet and illegal downloading of music, copyright is now a very lucrative income for skint artists who get sampled. And record labels too.

This has lead to the immergence of new production styles in Hip Hop due to the threat of being sued for using somebody else’s samples, and sadly losing all your money for all the hard work spent in the studio. Youtube and Soundcloud, to name two of many, are now seriously clamping down on copyright issues as the music industry tries to fight back after decades of over pricing, astronomical global sales and basically, having everyone off.

MC Sway and DJ King Tech – Baddest Mutha On 2 Turntables. (All City Records. 1990)

Sway and King Tech are a Hip Hop duo from San Francisco’s Bay Area and were the hosts of the famous “Wake Up Radio Show” that was aired across America.

Originally coming out on All City Records in 1990 (CAT# K9005), this gem of a track was the B-Side of “Follow 4 Now/Time 4 Peace” (CAT# 0-40004) released in 1991 as a 12inch maxi single then featured on their debut album, “Concrete Jungle (CAT# 9-24419-4) both on Giant Records..

I’ve sampled this twice. First the breakbeat I used for Kid Unknown – Devastating Beat Creator and the second was the vocal for DJ Nipper – Dope On Wax, so as a thank you I’ve done this edit.

Mikey D & The LA Posse – Coming In The House (Sleeping Bag Records. 1988)

Mikey D & The LA Posse came from Queens, NY consisting of battle MC Mikey D, Paul C and DJ Johnny Quest, releasing four 12 inches and one album between 1987 to 1989.

Mikey D replaced Large Professor in the Hip Hop group, “Main Source” who recorded the album “Fuck What You Think” on Wild Pitch Records in 1994.

Coming In The House was the B-side to Out Of Control (CAT# SLX 40137), a 12 inch released in 1988 on the rather splendid and consistently good, Sleeping Bag Records.


Uptown – Dope On Plastic (Tommy Boy Records. 1989)

This is the first of my re-mastered edits in a series of classic Old School Hip Hop tracks that will be coming out on Soundcloud & DJ Nipper Old Skool over the next few weeks.

Uptown – Dope On Plastic (CAT# TB 923) came out in 1989 on Tommy Boy Records and was a big tune in Manchester, which I always dropped around that time.

The original break is from Kool & The Gangs – “Give It Up” and then a few years later the Uptown break was used by SL2 on “DJs Take Control” and The Prodigy on “Weather Control”.