L.C.D. Records was established in 1998 when Ian Bland (Dream Frequency, Dancing Divas and Quake) and myself decided to setup a small independent record label to capitalise on the massive popularity of Trance.

It was meant to be done for a laff, even the name of the label was a joke with L.C.D. standing for Lowest Common Denominator, but that soon changed when the label quickly gained interest from DJ’s and Major Labels. Though Fred Dibner and Frank Spencer were always at hand in the studio ready for a giggle.

LCD001 was “Dejure – Rise On Up” with vocals by Debbie that lifted the lead riff from “Axe Corner’s – Totuga”.

LCD002 was “Beat Renegades – Get Ruff” that used the riff from “House Without A Home II’s – It’s Just A”. To our surprise it was played 3 weeks on trot by Pete Tong on his Friday night “Essential Selection Show” on BBC Radio One which was the main Radio Dance Show at the time. After the third week of being played on the show we got a call from FFRR Records (Pete Tongs Label) wanting to sign the track, but we didn’t sign because they weren’t offering enough money. We went on to sell 7000 copies. Not bad for a pair of Northern knob heads. Haha !

LCD003 was “Dejure – Sanctuary” with vocals by Laura Rigg (the first LCD release uses Chantal’s – The Realm accapella). This track took us both by complete surprise not realising what we had created and the reception it would get. It blew up big time !

It was released in 1999 and I decided to send a Test Pressing to Seb Fontaine (who was one of the leading Trance Pants DJ’s at the time). He dropped the TP at a club in Uruguay and it instantly took the roof off so he quickly signed it to his Spot On Records label in October 1999, going on to be one of the labels best selling tracks.

In 2000 Ministry Of Sound licensed it for their Millennium album mixed by Judge Jules & Tall Paul (2 more leading Trance Pants DJ’s. Yes there was lots of them at the time).

In 2001 it was licensed to Virgin Records (Nebula) eventually getting released in September 2003 and reaching Number 5 in the Dance Chart, Number 61 in the UK Top 40 and has gone on to become a Trance Anthem Worldwide. We didn’t see that coming, but it meant we could buy whatever we wanted at McDonalds in Leyland and as much as we could carry from the penny mix at Asda. We were living the Trance dream, and so were a lot of other DJ’s and Music Producers too.

LCD004 was “DJ Technique – Into The Light”. I can’t remember what this sounded like, although I do remember Graham Gold wanted to sign it, but it never materialised.

LCD005 was “Sampleheads – Freak Your Body” which was a disco/trance production.

LCD006 was “Dejure – Do You Believe”  with vocals by L.Aura (a misprint of Laura Rigg). This was signed to Spot On Records with remixed treatment from Christian West.

LCD007 was “Red – Heaven & Earth”. We had already wrote and released the track on LCD when Slinky Music picked it up requesting we add a vocal. Off we went eventually acquiring the services of a little known session singer from Wigan called, “Kimberley Marsh” who went on to win the UK’s TV show Pop Stars with the group “Hearsay” and is still starring as one of the main characters in Coronation Street. I think Blandy and myself definitely take credit for giving her her first break in the music industry. Haha !

Heaven & Earth reached Number 41 in the UK National Chart being pipped to the Number 40 spot by someone called, Madonna. I think she was Kimberley’s mate who worked at the McDonalds in Leyland.

LCD008 was “Beat Renegades – Hold Up” that was picked up by Slinky Music getting remixed by Pants & Corset.

LCD009 was “Corinthian – Fire” was the final release on L.C.D. records in late 2000.

For a pair of Northern knob heads we didn’t do too bad churning out tunes on our own small independent label, “L.C.D. Records”.

Sometimes the lowest common denominator can work wonders 😉

Fred & Frank the Big Macs are on you !