Next up on DJ NiPPERS OLDSKOOL – Top Drawer DJ MiXES, we give to you the Supa Dupa Mark Pemberton.  We asked Mark to put together a set for us to feature on the blog as he is nothing short of fantastic when it comes to Old Skool, and both him and his Wife Paula are simply amazing, genuine people who we love dearly here at DJ NiPPERS OLDSKOOL.

 Here is what Mark had to say about his track selection and his reasons behind the tracks included in the mix.  Enjoy!

As always my ethos is to provide a mix that crosses genres, this is my passion with DJing, Im not talking about mixing Drum N Bass with House etc Im talking more about crossing genres that lend themselves to each other and have a close link through samples or even a natural link through memories they trigger of better times.
Of course there are a multitude of tracks that could have made their way into this mix, I chose these because they have a meaning to me personally. For each track Ive explained why I chose it.



1. C’hantal – The Realm (Love in D Minor mix) Powertraxx Records 1990

I chose this track as it was one of the first that I heard on pirate radio all those years ago, an epic track over 12 minutes in length and something for everyone within it. One of the most sampled and familiar vocals of all time. A stone cold classic.

2. Frank De Wulf – The B-Sides Vol 1 (Compression) Music Man records 1990

For me a legendary track, whilst many DJ’s opt for the more commonly played tape or the remix of the tape, I prefer this track, The B-Sides series are up there with the best in Belgian techno for me. This is a real techno track to get lost in.

3. OnePhatDeeva – Bad Habit (Acapella) Deconstruction Records 2000

In 2000 I decided to get back into DJing properly again, I had recently purchased my first house with my wife in 1998 and had taken a break for a couple of years. I took a trip to a record shop in Birmingham and had a rummage for some decent house music, I pulled out this track and the vocal just grabbed me, I desperately wanted to fit this track into this mix and the acapella seemed the perfect way.

4. Rhythm Invention – Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson’s portable mix) Warp records 1992

One of the most under rated and underplayed tracks of all time in my opinion, made famous by the legendary Renaissance compilation from Sasha and Digweed released in 1994. A superb break beat and gentle scratch. Brilliant.

5. Rhythm Section – Circuit breaker (Ellis Dee’s Perception mix) Rhythm section recordings 1991

One of the legendary DJ’s / Producers of the scene, Ellis Dee, Rhythm Section are renowned for massive tracks, Ellis Dee works his magic on this with familiar samples in the breaks, the bass and the vocal. A track to get lost in.

6. World Dominance – Compression remix (World Dominance mix) Powertraxx records 1992

One of the stand out remixes of 1992 for me, I first heard this in an all nighter and knew I had to get it, after pulling many strings I finally found the name of it and snapped it up. A rare track to find these days but one that’s never far from my record box. A dancefloor filler.

7. Last Rhythm ft Silvie Carter – Last Rhythm (Vocal Battle Mix) American Records 1991

One of the most beautiful piano / vocal tracks of all time, this track stands out for me above the original, takes you on a real journey and fills the floor everytime. Never seen a crowd that doesn’t belt out the vocals to this track when its played. Great memories of raving at Life @ Bowlers with this one.

8. Corina – Temptation (New school freestyle mix) Cutting records 1991

My earliest memories of Sasha, this track means something to pretty much everyone that was around the scene in the early 90s, carry’s as much punch now as it did then. A timeless remix.

9. Timebase – Fireball (Promo) Boogie Times records 1991

One of my favourite tracks from the legendary Krome & Time, this takes me back to the early days of the eclipse and Stu Allan. A superb break beat track that just could not be left out of this mix.

10. C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make you sweat (The 1991 house dub/ Bonus beats) Columbia Records 1990

A classic track and vocal with a rework form the creators, a brilliant version that carries the vocal superbly with a great “House” feel to it. One of my favourite remixes from Clivilles & Cole.

11. S.L.D – Getting out (Extended Version) Mighty Quinn records 1990

Instantly familiar piano and vocal that’s been played pretty much every where by every DJ yet still holds the test of time. I simply could not leave out another of my favourite piano / vocal tracks.

12. Direct – Let it Ride (Joey Beltram) R&S records 1990

R&S records is one of my favourite labels of all time, so many classic tracks I had to squeeze one in at least. Joey Beltram provides this beast of a tune. This is definitely one to hit the floor with.

13. Young MC – Know How (Vocal) Delicious Vinyl 1988

The only thing to say here is “Bust it”

14. Congress – 40 Miles (Instrumental) Inner Rhythm Records 1991

A world famous piano / breakbeat track, was inevitably a chart crossover with the vocal version but this still holds it down for me on the dancefloor.

15. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Let the Beat hit em (LL with love R C mix) Columbia records 1991

This track is in this mix for the wife, her favourite track of all time. We have shared so many dancefloors to this track that it had to be in this mix and dedicated to her. Support second to none.

For booking enquiries you can contact Mark @ ma*********@gm***.com

You can listen to Marks fortnightly radio show,  every other Saturday.  Check out his DJ Profile on the link below at Housemasters radio.

Mark Pemberton